Tantra isn’t yoga. Their routes are opposite but lead to the same objective. So this must be evident.

Yoga is method and technique. Like Tantra, yoga is action-based. Doing leads to yoga, but in a different way. Warrior yoga requires combat. Tantra requires no fighting. Instead, indulge mindfully.

Yoga is awareness-based restraint; Tantra is awareness-based indulgence. Tantra says you are the ultimate. You can become the best. You and reality are one. You’re part of it, therefore there’s no fighting nature. To surpass, you must use nature and yourself.

Yoga requires self-denial. The world and moksha—liberation—are opposites in yoga. Suppress, battle, and dissolve yourself to become what you can. Yoga kills beyond. To become yourself, you must die.

Yoga is tantric suicide. Kill your natural self—body, instincts, passions, everything. Tantra advises self-acceptance. Deep acceptance. Avoid separating yourself from reality and nirvana. Avoid gaps. Tantra never dies. Rebirth requires transcendence, not death. Transcend with yourself.

Sex is the underlying energy you are born with. Your cells are your essence.

Sexuality dominates the psyche. Yoga requires fighting this energy. Fights change you. Fighting integrates you into a new centre. Sex isn’t your centre. Fighting sex purposefully will change your centre, focus, and crystallisation. Sex won’t fuel you. Fighting sex gives you energy. A new energy and centre will emerge.

Tantra requires sex. Transform it. Be amicable, not hatred. Your energy. It’s good. All energy is natural. It can help or hurt. It might be a step, barrier, or block. Use it. Rightly used, it becomes your buddy; poorly used, your enemy. But neither. Energy is natural. Sex ruins ordinary men and scatters them.

Yoga opposes the mind. Stop yearning and be desireless, yoga advises. Fight desire and achieve desireless integration.

Tantra advises recognising desire without fighting. With full consciousness, you can transcend desire. You’re in but not in. You cross through yet stay outside.

Yoga appeals because the common mind can understand its language. You know how sex has devastated you and how you continue to revolve around it like a slave or puppet. Experience tells you. When yoga says resist it, you understand. Yoga has an effortless attraction.

Tantra might be unappealing. How can one move into desire without being overwhelmed? How to be conscious during sex? Ordinary minds fear. It’s risky. Your knowledge of sex makes it risky. You know how to fool yourself. You know you’re clever. You can

move in desire, sex, anything, and you can fool yourself. Thus, the threat.

Tantra is not dangerous—you are. Your average, sex-suppressed, sex-starved, sex-indulging mind makes yoga appealing. Yoga appeals because the average mind is unhealthy about sex. A better humanity and healthy, natural sex would change the situation. We’re abnormal. We’re crazy and unhealthy. We never notice since everyone is like us.

Madness is so common that being sane seems odd. Jesus and Buddha are abnormal among us. Not ours. Normalcy is disease. This “normal” mind makes yoga appealing. Tantra will appeal if you take sex naturally, without any philosophy about it. Tantra can then benefit many.

Tantra is coming. Tantra will explode among the public when the time is right for natural sex. Freud, Jung, and Reich set the stage for a Western explosion. They created the foundation for Tantra while not knowing anything about it. Western psychology believes that human insanity is sex-related.

Man cannot be normal till this sex orientation is gone. Only sex has made man wrong. No attitude needed. That’s natural. What’s your eye-view? Evil or divine? Are you pro- or anti-eyes? No attitude! So your eyes are normal.

Think evil eyes. Seeing will be difficult. Sex and seeing will become problematic. You will want, crave, and hanker to see. You’ll feel guilty after seeing. You’ll feel terrible for sinning whenever you see. You want to kill your eyes. The more you want to kill them, the more

become eye-centered. You’ll do something absurd. You’ll want more and feel bad. Likewise, the sex centre.

Tantra says accept yourself. Acceptance is the key. Growth requires complete acceptance. Use all your energy. Use them how? Accept them, then discover these energies—sex, this phenomena. We’re unfamiliar. Sex is taught to us. We committed the sex act with a guilty conscience, a repressive attitude, and a rush. Unburdening requires action. Sex is unloving. You’re unhappy but can’t leave. It grows more appealing as you try to leave. It invites you more as you deny it.

You cannot deny it, yet this mentality damages the mind, consciousness, and sensitivity that can understand it. Sex is insensitive. You don’t comprehend. Deep sensitivity, feeling, and moving into it are needed to understand anything. Only if you move in sex like a poet in flowers can you grasp it! You can go through the garden with closed eyes if you feel sorry about flowers. You will rush madly. Leave the garden somehow. How can you know?

Tantra advises accepting yourself. You are a multidimensional mystery. Accept everything and move every energy with great sensitivity, awareness, compassion, and understanding. Keep up! Every desire becomes a tool to overcome it. Every energy helps. This world is nirvana, and this body is a holy temple.

Yoga negates; Tantra affirms. Yoga means duality. To “yoke” two things together. Duality exists. Tantra denies duality. Duality prevents pairing. They’re always two. They will always be two, fighting and dualism will persist.

The world and the divinity cannot coexist. If

If they seem as two, they are one. Your body and soul cannot be joined. You and God cannot be joined. Two will remain.

Tantra believes duality is an illusion. Why strengthen appearance? Why promote dualism, asks Tantra? Dissolve immediately! Be one! Acceptance unites, not fighting. Accept the world, body, and all its aspects. For Tantra, a different centre is the ego. Avoid ego. Recognise yourself. Fighting brings ego.

Thus, finding a non-egoistic yogi is rare. Yogis talk about egolessness yet cannot be egoless. The process builds the ego. Fight is process. Fighting breeds ego. More fighting strengthens the ego. If you win your fight, you will have the highest ego.

No fighting, Tantra! Ego cannot exist. Tantra will cause many issues because we only indulge if there is no fight. We enjoy peace. Fear ensues. We’ve wasted lives together. Tantra’s indulgence isn’t ours. Tantra advises indulgent awareness.

Your anger… Tantra does not advise against anger. Tantra advises being enraged but mindful. Tantra opposes spiritual slumber, not rage. Know and rage. The secret of the strategy is that awareness transforms wrath into compassion. Tantra believes wrath is compassion’s seed. Anger becomes compassion.

Fighting it eliminates sympathy. Fighting and suppressing will kill you. You suppressed fury, yet only rage can become compassion. If you suppress—impossible—there will be

be no sex but no love since without sex there is no energy to grow love. You’ll lose love and sex. Without love, there is no divineness, emancipation, or freedom, hence the point is missed.

Tantra transforms these energy. Nirvana is the transformation of the world, thus if you are against it, there is no nirvana. You’re opposing the source’s core energies.

Tantric alchemy advises not fighting with all energies. Welcome them. Thank your rage, sex, and greed. Feel grateful because these secret sources can be altered and opened. Sex becomes love. Poison and ugliness go.

The ugly seed sprouts and blossoms. Then beauty. Throwing away the seed is throwing away the blooms. They are not yet visible. Though unmanifest, they exist. Use this seed for flowers. First, acceptance, sensitivity, and awareness. Allow indulgence.

Another weird but profound discovery of Tantra is that your attitude towards your adversaries—greed, rage, hate, sex—makes them your foes. Approach them with gratitude as divine gifts. Tantra includes various sexual energy transformation techniques. Approach sex like a shrine. Treat sex like meditation or prayer. Feel its holiness.

Therefore, every temple in Khajuraho, Puri, and Konark includes maithun, intercourse statues. Christianity, Islam, and Jainism find the sex act on temple walls absurd. It seems absurd. How does the temple relate to maithun pictures? Every possible sex act is carved into the Khajuraho temples’ outside walls. Why? We don’t think it belongs in a temple. Christianity cannot imagine a Khajuraho church wall.

pictures. Impossible!Modern Hindus also feel guilty because they have modern minds.

Christianity created. “Hindu-Christians” are worse than Christians since being a Hindu-Christian is odd. They regret. Purushottamdas Tandon, a Hindu leader, suggested destroying these temples since they are not ours. Tantra hasn’t been in our hearts for centuries, thus they don’t belong to us. Not the primary current. For yoga, Khajuraho must be demolished.

Tantra advises approaching sex like a temple. That’s why their holy shrines depict sex. Like entering a shrine, approach sex. Thus, entering a sacred shrine requires sex to link the two in your mind. Then the world and the divine become one. Polar opposites helping each other. They only exist due of this polarity. Lost polarity destroys the earth. See everything’s profound oneness. See the inner current that unites polar opposites.

Tantra reveres everything. Tantra considers everything holy. For irreligious people, everything is unholy; for religious people, something is holy and something is unholy. Tantra reveres everything.

A few days ago, a Christian missionary told me, “God created the world.” I questioned him, “Who created sin?”“The devil.”

I questioned, “Who created the devil?”He was stumped. “God created the devil,” he said.

The devil generates sin and God creates him. Who is the genuine sinner—God or Satan? Dualist thinking always produces such absurdities. Tantra views God and the devil as one. Tantra sees no “devil”—only divine, holy things. This seems the most profound perspective. How can anything in this world be unholy?

There are two options. The atheist’s alternative

declares everything unholy. No problem. As a non-dualist, he sees no holiness in the world. Tantrics believe everything is holy. He’s non-dual. Then there are the pseudo-religious. Due to constant struggle, they are neither religious nor irreligious. Their theology is to make ends meet, which is impossible.

How can a single atom survive in a holy planet if it is unholy? How is that? Everything supports it—it must. If all holy elements sustain the unholy element, what is the difference? The world is either completely holy or completely unholy.

Tantra says everything is holy, hence we cannot understand it. It is the deepest non-dual perspective. Any perspective is dual. Since it’s neutral, it’s no position. It’s felt, lived unity.

Yoga and Tantra. Our wounded minds make tantra unappealing. Tantra is beautiful when someone is well inside, not chaotic. Only he comprehends Tantra. Due to our disordered thoughts, yoga appeals easily.

Always remember that your mind determines beauty. You decide.

Different approaches. Yoga can help reach. Yoga can reach, but not mainstream yoga. Most yoga is your diseased brains’ interpretation of yoga. Yoga can truly lead to the ultimate, but only if your mind is healthy. Yoga changes.

Mahavira, a yogi, did not repress sex. He knew, lived, and understood it. He dropped it when it became useless. Buddha practised yoga, but he knew the world well. No fighting.

Knowing liberates. It falls like dead tree leaves. No fighting, no renunciation. Buddha’s face isn’t a fighter’s. No fighting. His face exudes ease… no fight.

Your yogis. They look angry. They are on volcanoes and in upheaval. Feel it in their eyes and faces. They have hidden all their ailments.

Both are conceivable in a healthy environment where everyone lives truly and independently, not mimicking others. He may develop a deep sensitivity that transcends desires and eliminates all desires. Remember that Tantra and yoga might lead to this. We need healthy minds and natural men. Tantra and Yoga will help natural men transcend wants.

Yoga and Tantra cannot achieve this in our so-called bad society because we select Yoga not because wants have become meaningless. They’re not fading. Force them. We select Yoga to suppress. Tantra is a cunning deceit that allows us to enjoy.

Yoga and Tantra cannot work with a diseased mind. Both deceive. Start with a healthy mind, especially sexually. Then choosing a course is easy. Tantra or Yoga.

Male and female people exist. Psychologically—not physiologically. Yoga suits aggressive, belligerent, extrovert men. Tantra is for feminine, passive, non-violent people. In Tantra, Mother Kali, Tara, and many other bhairavis—female deities—are important. Yoga never mentions feminine deities. Tantra worships women, yoga men. Tantra is within energy, Yoga outward. So in current psychology, Yoga is

extrovert, Tantra introvert. Personality determines. Fight is for extroverts. Fight suits extroverts.

We are confused and in a muddle, so nothing helps. Everything bothers. Tantra and yoga disturb you. Because the chooser is unhealthy, every medicine will cause a new illness. Yoga can reach. To comprehend Tantra, I emphasise it.

Another query:

How, does the seeker choose the proper technique on the path of surrender?

Remember that surrender is the only way to surrender. All strategies are non-surrendering since they require self-reliance. The technique is there, so do it. Surrendering means you are nothing, so you cannot accomplish anything. You surrendered—the final act. Surrender is the only way.

All methods involve your will and action. You balance your energies and centre your disarray. You act. You’re essential. Surrender is the only requirement for surrender. Since surrender has no technique, we should mention that before diving into these methods.