The condition of all left-handed sadhanas is early and voluntary death, or cutting off the ego, which is the most radical and quick route to liberation.
This is a protracted and painful process that frequently entails removing all masks, labels, self-images, personal aspirations, dreams, and aspirations that originate from the ego, or sense of self, layer by layer. Frequently, this entails giving away the things you value the most and would least prefer to give away.
It’s challenging to do since everything in nature is against it, and the ego starts to take all kinds of defensive measures and develop internal excuses, justifications, and explanations. The ego tricks us expertly, and it does so frequently because we are practitioners of the art.

Despite the fact that the key is to be as straightforward as possible, we truly want to stand out.
We genuinely want to appear cool and hip, but in order to do so, we must be vulnerable, face our weaknesses, and confront our Shadow.
This is the central theme throughout all of Chod, as well as Aghora and numerous other tantric practises.
To become as clear-cut and straightforward as possible, we first start with ourselves. so that our anxieties and irrational concerns do not control us. to arrive at a balanced and peaceful state of inner stability and self-sufficiency, anytime and in any situation.
When there is a close bond with Ishta deva, when the relationship with him or her is the primary relationship in life, this state manifests much more readily and quickly.
When the Ecstasy of Being, or Ananda life, is experienced, when life, with all of its difficulties and paradoxes, is thought of as the Leela of the Deities, this state manifests even more quickly.
We must learn to view life from this perspective, or otherwise self-suffering will lead to negativity, sadness, a sense of personal worthlessness, and a sense of hopeless personal “sin.”
And you require it to provide excitement and drive. If one learns to view the entire Being like Ananda and Leela, it is feasible. You must work hard to achieve this emotion in all feasible ways; fortunately, Tantra has a wide variety of methods at its disposal.