Understanding the significance of this question is crucial, as it may have arisen in many minds.

First, spirituality is considered difficult. It is neither difficult nor an achievement. You are already spiritual, regardless of your identity. There is no need to add or remove anything from your being; you are already perfect. You don’t need to be perfect in the future or do something difficult to be yourself. This is not a journey to another location. You are already there. The goal is reached. A deep understanding of this idea is necessary to comprehend how simple techniques can be beneficial.

If spirituality is a goal, it is not only challenging but also impossible. Being spiritual is impossible without being already spiritual. Being divine is necessary, otherwise there is no possibility or way. Any effort made by a non-divine person cannot create divinity. If you lack divinity, your efforts cannot create it. Then impossible.

Quite the opposite: you already possess the desired outcome. You already possess the end of longing. You are divine right now. The best is already here. This is why simple techniques can be beneficial. It is a discovery, not an achievement. It’s hidden in tiny things.

Personas are like clothes. Like your body, your spirituality is hidden in certain clothes. Your clothes represent you. Being naked in the present is similar to being naked in your spirituality. You don’t know what the clothes are. You do not understand how you are hidden or how to be naked. Many years of wearing clothes have made you so accustomed to them that you no longer recognise them as clothing.

You think these clothes are you. That is the only obstacle.

If you have a treasure but have forgotten or not recognised it, you may be begging in the streets. Beggar you are. If someone asks, “Check inside your house.” The beggar may respond with, “What nonsense you are talking about. You can be an emperor right now.” How can I become an emperor now? Despite years of begging, I remain a beggar and cannot become an emperor. It is absurd and illogical to say, “You can be an emperor right now.”

It’s impossible. Beggars can’t believe it. Why? The begging mind is a long-standing habit. If the treasure is hidden in the house, it can be found by digging and removing some earth. Suddenly, he will rise from beggar to emperor.

Spirituality is a hidden treasure. Nothing is to be accomplished in the future. Although you may not realise it, it is already within you. Though you are the treasure, you persist in begging.

Simple methods can help. Removing a small amount of earth is easy and can lead to immediate emperorship. Earth removal requires some digging. When I say, “remove the earth,” it is not just symbolic. Your body is part of the earth, and you are identified with it. Remove some earth, create a hole, and discover the treasure.

This question will arise for many. All may wonder if a simple technique like breathing awareness, recognising incoming and outgoing breaths, and recognising the interval between them, is sufficient. A simple thing! Is this sufficient for enlightenment? Do you only differ from Buddha in not recognising the gap between breaths, while Buddha has done so? Not logical. The gap between a Buddha and you are vast. The distance appears endless. Although the distance between a beggar and an emperor is infinite, a hidden treasure can instantly elevate the beggar to the emperor.

Buddha was once a beggar like you. After the beggar died, he became the master. Buddha did not gradually accumulate and go from being a beggar to an emperor. A beggar cannot become an emperor through accumulation but will remain a beggar. He may become wealthy, but he will always be a beggar. A rich beggar is larger than a poor one.

Buddha suddenly discovers the inner treasure. After becoming a master, he no longer begs. The distance between Gautam Siddhartha and Gautam Buddha is infinite. It is the same distance as between you and a Buddha. Treasure is hidden within you, just like it was in Buddha.

Take another example… One man is born with blind and diseased eyes. The world is different for a blind man. A minor surgery can transform the entire situation, as only the eyes need to be corrected. As soon as the eyes are ready, the seer will hide behind them and start looking.

Only windows are missing, but the seer is there. You are in a house without windows. By breaking a hole in the wall, you can see outside.

We are already what we will, should, and will become. The future is hidden in the present; all possibilities are in the seed. It only requires a small surgical operation to break a window. If you recognise that spirituality is inherent, a small effort can be beneficial.

Not much effort is needed. Minimal efforts are necessary and preferable. However, effortless work is still preferable. We often find that attempting more makes it harder to achieve. Your effort, tension, occupied, longing, and expectation create a barrier. Zen practitioners call it “doing as if not doing” and it can be achieved with minimal effort. Increasing your anger reduces the likelihood of using a sword instead of a needle. A sword won’t help. It may be larger, but a sword is not suitable for needle work.

Butchers have large tools. Consider visiting a brain surgeon, who may not have large instruments. If you find them, flee immediately! A brain surgeon is not a butcher. His instruments should be as small as possible.

Spiritual techniques are subtle instead of gross. They cannot, as the surgery is more subtle. While brain surgery involves gross matter, working on spiritual planes can lead to more aesthetic results. Gross matter is absent. The subtlety is one aspect.

Second, the questioner inquires, “How can a smaller thing enable a larger step?” This concept is irrational and unscientific. Science reveals that smaller particles are more atomic, explosive, and larger. A smaller size has a greater impact. Before 1945, could anyone has imagined that two atomic explosions would completely destroy two major Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Over two hundred thousand people were wiped out in seconds. And what was the explosive force used? An atom! The smallest particle exploded two major cities. No atom is visible. You cannot see with your eyes or any other means. No instrument can see the atom; only its effects are visible.

Do not assume the Himalayas are larger due to their size. The Himalayas are ineffective before an atomic explosion. A single atom can destroy the Himalayas. Gross material size does not necessarily indicate power. Conversely, smaller units penetrate more deeply. The smaller the unit, the more intense its power.

Small, atomic techniques. Those who achieve greater things lack knowledge of atomic science. A person working with atoms may appear small, while someone working with the Himalayas may appear large.

Mao is working with large masses, like Hitler did.

Einstein and Planck worked with energy particles in their labs. Ultimately, politicians were powerless before Einstein’s research.

The team was unaware of the secret behind the small unit while working on a larger canvas.

Large planes are gross, but moralists always work on them. It appears to be large. They focus on moralising, practising, and maintaining sanyam (control) throughout their lives. The building appears large as they continue to control it.

Tantra doesn’t care. Tantra explores the atomic secrets within the human mind and consciousness. Tantra discovered atomic secrets. These methods are atomic. Acquiring them leads to explosive, cosmic results.

Note another point. You may wonder how a simple exercise can lead to enlightenment, but without actually doing it. Try it, and you won’t consider it a simple exercise. It appears that the entire exercise is provided in two or three sentences.

Do you know atomic formula? The entire formula is provided in two or three words. Understanding and using these two or three words can destroy the entire earth. The formula is tiny.

These formulas appear simple and small at first glance. Not so! Try it.

Doing it will show you how hard it is. Though simple in appearance, it is profound. You will understand the process after we analyse it.

You never feel your breath when you inhale. You have never felt such breath. Your denial will be immediate. You will say, “This is wrong.” Although we may not be aware, we still feel our breath. No, you feel the passage, not the breath.

Watch the sea. Waves are visible. These waves are caused by air and wind. Instead of seeing the wind, you see its impact on the water. When you breathe, it touches your nostril. Never know the breath, but feel the nostril. As it descends, you feel the passage. Once again, you feel the passage. You only feel the touch and passage, not the breath.

This is not what Shiva means by Be aware. After becoming aware of the passage, you will gradually become aware of the breath. Once you become aware of your breath, you can also notice the gap or interval. It’s harder than it looks.

Tantra, like all seeking, has layers of awareness. As I embrace you, you will feel my touch on your body, not my love, which is not as physical. Typically, we are unaware of love. Our awareness is limited to the body in motion. We have experienced loving and non-loving movements, but never love itself. When I kiss you, you feel the touch, not my love, which is subtle. Without your awareness of my love, the kiss is meaningless. Gaining awareness of my love is necessary to understand me, as it is a deeper layer.

The breath enters. You feel touch, not breath. However, you are unaware of the touch. Only when something is wrong do you feel it. If breathing is difficult, you will feel it, otherwise you may not notice. The first step is to become aware of the passage where breath touches, which will increase your sensitivity. It takes years to become sensitive enough to recognise breath movement, not just touch. Tantra states that once you understand prana, you will have vitality. The gap between breaths, the centre where they touch, the fusion point, or the turning point where ingoing breath becomes outgoing exists only then.

Eventually, this will be difficult.

Only by entering this centre will you realise its difficulty. Buddha reached the centre beyond the breath after six years. After six years of hard work, he reached this turning point. Mahavira spent twelve years on it before it happened. Since the formula is simple, it is theoretically possible to achieve this right now. Why shouldn’t it happen now, as there is no theoretical barrier? The barrier is you. Except for you, this can happen now. You already know the method to find the treasure. You may dig, but not.

Consider this question as a guide to avoid digging deeper, as your mind may think it’s simple. Do not fool yourself. How can one become a Buddha through a simple act? Not going to be.” You may not act, as you may wonder how this could happen. Mind is tricky. When I say something is difficult, the mind may think it is beyond your capabilities. The mind may perceive a simple statement as being so simple that only fools would believe it. Mind constantly rationalises, avoiding action.

Mind sets limits. If you perceive it as too simple or difficult, it can become a barrier. What should you do?

You cannot do simple or difficult things. What will you do? Tell me! For challenging tasks, I will make them difficult. When doing something simple, I will simplify it. It’s both, depending on interpretation. You will need to do one thing. If you don’t act, your mind will provide reasons.

Currently, there is no actual barrier, making it theoretically possible. There are obstacles. Though they may be psychological or illusions, they are still present. If I say, “Do not fear—go!” Even though you may think a snake is just a rope, the fear will still remain. It looks like a snake.

Whatever I say won’t help. Your trembling makes you want to run away. I say it’s just a rope, but your mind may think he’s conspiring with the snake. There must be an issue. This man is pushing me towards the snake. He may want my death or something else.” Trying to convince you that this is a rope may indicate a desire to push you towards the snake. If I say you can see the rope as a rope right now, your mind will create numerous issues.

There is no dilemma or problem in reality.

Never was, never will be. When you view reality through the lens of your mind, it can become problematic. Mind work is prison-like. It divides and causes issues. Additionally, it creates solutions that deepen the problem, as there are no actual issues to address. No problem exists in reality.

Nothing is visible without problems. Looking around creates issues. Your “look” is bad. Since I shared this breath technique, your mind may think it’s easy. Why?

Why does the mind say this is easy?

No one believed the steam engine when it was first invented. It looked unbelievable simple. Are you familiar with the steam used in your kitchen, kettle, engine, and passenger transport? The steam you know so well? This seems untrue.

Know what happened in England? When the first train started, no one was ready to ride. Many people were bribed and given money to sit in the train, but ultimately escaped. They argued that steam cannot perform such feats. A simple thing like steam cannot perform such miracles. A starting engine indicates the devil is at work. The devil, not steam, runs it.

Can you guarantee that once something starts, you can stop it?

This was the first train, so no guarantee.

Never stopped before, but likely. As there was no experience, science could not confirm if it would stop.

It will theoretically stop… However, people were not interested in theories. They asked if anyone had experienced stopping a train, asking what would happen to those on board if it never stopped.

Twelve jail inmates were passengers.

Since they were sentenced to death, it didn’t matter if the train didn’t stop.

The driver who believed it would stop, the inventor, and the twelve passengers who were already going to die would all die alone.

“Such a simple thing as steam,” they said. People no longer say this because it is working and well-known.

Everything—reality—is simple. Only ignorance makes it seem complex; otherwise, everything is straightforward. It becomes easy once you understand it. Remember that knowing is challenging due to your mind, not reality. Although this technique is simple, it may not be easy for you. Your mind will cause challenges. So, try it.

According to a friend, focusing on breathing can be distracting and consume all attention. If I do anything else, I cannot focus on my breathing.”

Start by selecting a specific time, such as morning, evening, or any time. Perform the exercise for one hour without interruption. Just exercise.

After getting used to it, it won’t be a problem. You can walk down the street with awareness.

Difference between “awareness” and “attention”. Paying attention to one thing requires focusing on it and ignoring everything else. So, tension exists. It is called attention for this reason. Focus on one thing at the expense of others. Focusing on breathing can distract from walking or driving. Avoid doing it while driving as you may lose focus.

Attention means only one thing. Awareness differs and is not limited. Instead of paying attention, it is being attentive and conscious. Being inclusively conscious is being conscious. You are aware of your breathing. You walk with someone passing by and are aware of them. Noises from the road, trains, and aeroplanes are all considered. Attention is exclusive, awareness inclusive. The initial focus will be on attention.

Try selected periods first. Focus on your breathing for one hour. Over time, you can shift your focus to awareness.

Start with simple tasks like walking, focusing on both the act of walking and breathing. Avoid opposing walking and breathing. Keep track of both. Not hard.

Look! For instance, I can focus on one face. If I focus on one face, I may miss the others. If I focus on one face, the others are ignored. Focusing on one nose can cause the rest of the face to be overlooked. Focusing on one point is possible.

The opposite is possible. I focus on the entire face, including the eyes, nose, and everything else. Then I broadened my focus. I see you as a group.

Then I focus on everyone. If I differentiate you from the street noise, I am excluding it. But I can see you and the street together. Then I can monitor both you and the street. I can perceive the entire universe. It depends on your focus to grow continuously. Begin with attention and learn to become aware. So, pick a short time. You feel more alive in the morning due to its freshness, vital energy, and rising energy.

According to physiologists, you are more alive and taller in the morning than in the evening. If you are six feet tall, you are six feet and one-half inch in the morning and six feet again in the evening. A half-inch loss occurs when the spine settles down due to fatigue. Mornings bring freshness, youth, and energy.

Do not put meditation last.

Make it first. If you can sit for an hour, fully immersed in breathing, aware and attentive, and feel relaxed and enjoying it without effort, you have achieved it.

Add something else, like walking. Remember both, then continue adding. Eventually, you will be able to monitor your breath even while sleeping.

Without awareness, even during sleep, you cannot comprehend the depth. Eventually, this comes.

One must be patient and start right. Be aware that the devious mind will attempt to deceive you to start wrong.

After two or three days, you can conclude that the situation is hopeless. The mind will give a false start. Remember to start well, as starting well is half the battle.

But we start wrong.

You know attention is hard. This occurs when you are completely asleep. Focusing on breathing while doing something else can hinder performance.

You will not leave the task, but you will leave the effort of conscious breathing.

Be careful not to cause yourself problems. Within 24 hours, you can find a small corner. Use the technique for 40 minutes. The mind will make many excuses. Your mind may wonder, “Where is the time?” There is already excessive work. Where is time? The mind may say, “It’s not possible now, so postpone it.” Eventually, when things improve, you will do it.” Watch what your mind tells you. Do not overestimate your mind. We never doubt.

Although we doubt others, we never doubt ourselves.

Even those who advocate scepticism, doubt, and reason never doubt their own minds. Your mind has led you to this state. If you are in hell, your mind transported you there, and you never doubt its guidance. Although you may doubt your teachers or masters, you never doubt your mind.

Move with your mind as the guru with unwavering faith. Your mind has led you to your current state of chaos and suffering.

If you doubt anything, doubt yourself. Be cautious when your mind speaks.

Do you have no time? Really? If you lack time, can you dedicate an hour to meditation? Reconsider.

Repeat the question to the mind: “Do I not have time?”

Not seeing it. My observation is that men always have enough time. I often see people playing cards and they say, “We are killing time.” When going to the movies, they ask, “What to do?” They waste time gossiping, reading the same newspaper, and discussing lifelong topics, claiming they lack time. They have enough time for unnecessary tasks. Why?

An unnecessary thing doesn’t harm the mind. When you think of meditation, your mind becomes alert. Meditation can be dangerous as it involves the death of the mind. Eventually, meditation requires complete mind dissolution and retirement. The mind becomes engaged, prompting questions like “Where is the time?”

Even if time permits, prioritising tasks is crucial. First delay it. You can meditate anytime.

Money matters more. Get money first, then meditate at your leisure. Without money, how to meditate? Focus on money first, then meditate.

Meditation can be conveniently delayed as it is not essential for immediate survival. Ignoring bread leads to death. Money is essential for basic necessities and cannot be delayed. Meditation can be delayed, and you can still function without it. It’s easy to survive without.

If you go deep in meditation, you will perish on Earth. You will leave this life’s circle and wheel. As meditation resembles death, the mind becomes fearful. Meditation, like love, can bring fear to the mind. “Postpone,” it says, allowing for endless delays. Your mind says this constantly. Please do not assume I am referring to others. This is about you.

Many intelligent individuals continue to say unintelligent things about meditation. The man is a prominent government official from Delhi. His sole purpose was to learn meditation here. The visitor arrived from Delhi and stayed for seven days. I suggested he attend the morning meditation class on Chowpatty beach in Bombay, but he said it was difficult. I cannot rise so early.” He will never question what his mind has told him. Is this hard? Understand that while the exercise may seem simple, your mind is not. The mind wonders, “How can I wake up at six?”

I was in a large city when the city collector met me at 11 p.m. He interrupted my bedtime routine by saying, “No!” Very urgent. Very disturbed. It is a matter of life and death, he stated. Give me at least 30 minutes.

Teach me meditation or I’ll commit suicide. I am deeply disturbed and frustrated, requiring an inner transformation. My outside world is gone.”

I told him, “Come in the morning at five.” He replied, “That is not possible.” He cannot wake up at five o’clock, despite the life-or-death situation. He replied, “That is impossible. I rarely wake up early.”

I told him, “Okay, come at ten.”

He stated, “That will be difficult because I need to be at my office by 10:30.”

He cannot take a single day off, as it is life-threatening. Did I ask him if it was about his or my life and death? They asked, “Whose?” He was intelligent enough. These tricks were clever.

Do not assume your mind is not playing the same tricks. It is highly intelligent and never doubted because it is perceived as your mind. This is a social product, not yours. Not yours! It was given to you and forced upon you. You have been taught and conditioned in a certain way. From childhood, your mind is shaped by parents, society, and teachers.

The past shapes your mind. The dead past continues to influence the living. Teachers act as agents of the dead against the living. They keep imposing things on your mind. The mind becomes so close to you that you become identified with it.

You say, “I am a Hindu.” Rethink it. You are not Hindu. Your mind is Hindu. You were born as a simple, innocent being, not a Hindu or Muslim. However, you were given a Muslim or Hindu mind. Being imprisoned in a certain condition can lead to a heavy mental burden as life continues to add to it.

Being unable to act, the mind takes over. Add your experiences to the mind. Constantly, your past shapes your present. If I say something, you may not think about it objectively. Your old mind will intervene, voicing opinions for or against.

Keep in mind that your mind and body are inherited from your parents. Your mind is not solely yours; it also comes from your parents. Who are you?

One identifies with body or mind. You may perceive yourself as young, old, Hindu, Jaina, or Parsi. Not you! You were born with pure consciousness. All are prisons. These seemingly simple techniques can be complex due to the mind’s constant creation of complexities and problems.

A few days prior, a man approached me and inquired about the source of your meditation method. Convincing me that it is in my religious scripture will make it easier for me to do. What makes it easier for him to do if it is written in a scripture? By doing so, the mind will not create problems. Mind will say, “Okay!” This belongs to us, so do it.” If not written in scripture, the mind may question, “What are you doing?” The mind resists.

I informed the man that he had been using this method for three months. You feeling? Wonderful, he said. I am feeling great. Please provide some biblical authority. His feelings aren’t authoritative. “I am feeling wonderful,” he says. I have become more quiet, peaceful, and loving. I feel great.” However, his experience is not the authority. The mind seeks historical authority.

I told him, “Your scriptures do not mention it. Rather, many things against this technique are written. The man’s face became sad. He stated, “It will be difficult for me to do and continue it.”

Why is his own experience useless? The mentality and training of the past shape and destroy your present. Remember and be aware. Question your mind. Distrust it. If you can mature beyond trusting your thoughts, these strategies will be straightforward, helpful, and effective. They can and will perform miracles. No one can understand these approaches rationally. Why am I trying the impossible? Why am I talking to you if they’re incomprehensible? They can’t be understood rationally, but there’s no other way to teach your life-changing tactics. Understanding only intellect is problematic. Nothing else can be understood but the intellect. These methods are incomprehensible, therefore, how to communicate? You must either become capable of knowing without intellect or find a way to make these tactics cognitively intelligible. First is conceivable, second is not. You must start intellectually, but don’t hold on. When I say “Do,” try. If anything happens within you, you can lay your intellect aside and reach towards me straight without effort or meditator. Do something. We can talk for years and fill your mind with numerous things, but it won’t help. You will learn a lot, which may injure you. Knowing several things will confuse you. Too much knowledge is bad. A little knowledge and practise are good. A single technique can help; doing something helps. How difficult is it? Deep deep, dread exists. The concern is that if you do it, something may stop happening. I’ve met so many people who desire to change, which may seem counterintuitive. They seek meditation and inner development, but they are terrified. Duals have two minds. They keep asking but never doing. Why keep asking? To fool themselves into thinking they want to change. Their reason for asking. This provides the impression that they want to change. They ask, go to gurus, try, but never act. They’re scared deep down. Eric Fromm wrote Fear of Freedom. Contradictory title. Everyone thinks they like and seek freedom in this world and “that world”. “We want moksha—liberation—from all limitations and slaveries. “We want complete freedom,” they declare. However, Eric Fromm claims that man fears freedom. We want it, say we want it, and convince ourselves we want it, but we fear freedom. We oppose it! Why? Why this duality? Freedom breeds fear, and meditation is the deepest freedom. You are emancipated from inner slavery—the mind—as well as outside limits. Completely liberated from the past. When you lose your mind, the past disappears. Since they live in the mind, you have transcended history and eliminated society, religion, scripture, and tradition. The mind, memory, and imagination contain past and future, hence there is no past or future. Then you are present. No future awaits now. There will always be now. Then you are free from tradition, history, body, mind, and everything. One overcomes fear. So free? So where will you be? May you exist in such freedom? Can you have your ego in such freedom and vastness? Can you say, “I am?” You can say, “I am in bondage,” knowing your limits. Without bondage, there is no boundary. You become a state – nothing more. total emptiness. Fear prevents one from practising meditation, so one talks about it and does nothing. All questions stem from fear. Feel scared. Knowing it eliminates it. If unnoticed, it will continue. Are you spiritually ready to die? You ready to be not? Buddha always said, “This is the basic truth—that you are not,” to visitors. Because you are not, you cannot die, be born, suffer, or be bound. Will you accept this? Is this acceptable, Buddha asked? Do not meditate unless you are ready to accept this. First, determine if you are. Consider whether there is a self. Is there substance or are you a mix? Finding out will reveal that your body is a mix. Your mother and father gave you something, and food gave you everything else. The body you inhabit. No self exists in this body. Consider: something came from here, something from there. Nothing is original in mind. Just accumulation. Determine if the mind has a self. Move deep and you’ll realise your identity is onion-like. After peeling one layer, another appears. You peel layers till you reach emptiness. Nothing remains after removing all layers. Like onions, body and mind. After peeling off body and psyche, you see a bottomless hole. Shunya was Buddha’s term. Fear arises from encountering shunya, the empty. That fear exists. Therefore, we never meditate. We discuss it but never act. That fear exists. You know there is a void, yet you cannot overcome this fear. Whatever you do, fear will stay unless you face it. The only way. Once you realise you’re nothing, shunya, you won’t be afraid. Fear is unwarranted because this shunya, this vacuum, cannot be eradicated. This vacuum will endure. The onion layers that were dying are gone. When approaching this nothingness in intense meditation, one often becomes terrified and trembles. This nothingness makes one feel like dying and wish to return to the world. And many return, never returning within. In my opinion, everyone has attempted meditation at some point. You were close to nothingness but fled in fear. Deep in your former memories, the memory hinders you. When you think about meditation again, the secret memory in your unconscious mind whispers, “Keep thinking; don’t do it.” You did it once.” I have looked at many men and found few who had never meditated. The recollection is there, but you don’t know where it is. It exists. When you start doing anything that becomes a barrier, many things stop you. Discover your meditation fear if you’re serious about it. Sincerely, are you afraid? You must address your fear before practising meditation. Buddha tried various devices. Sometimes someone told him, “I am afraid of trying meditation.” You must tell the master you’re afraid. You cannot deceive the master, and doing so is self-deception. When someone said, “I am afraid of meditation,” Buddha replied, “You are fulfilling the first requirement.” If you admit you fear meditation, something can happen. Since you found something deep, you may act. What’s the fear? Think about it. Discover its origin. All dread is death related. Every form, method, shape, and name of terror is death oriented. Go deep and you’ll realise you fear death. If someone told Buddha, “I am afraid of death, I have found this out,” Buddha would answer, “Then go to the burning ghat, go to the cemetery, and meditate on a funeral pyre. Dead people will be burned daily. Stay to the graveyard and contemplate the flaming fire. After their family leaves, you stay. Just gaze at the burning body in the flames. Just stare at everything turning to smoke. No thinking, just meditation for three, six, or nine months. “When it becomes a certainty to you that death cannot be escaped, when it becomes absolutely certain that death is the way of life, that death is implied in life, that death is going to be, that there is no way out and you are already in it, only then come to me.” After months of focusing on death and seeing dead bodies burned, turned into ashes, and eventually disappearing, a certainty will arise, death is inevitable. It’s the only guarantee. Life’s only certainty is death. Everything else may or may not happen. It may be for death, but you cannot say. Yes, it will be. Already happened. Entering life meant entering death. Nobody can stop it now. Certain death eliminates fear. Fear always surrounds changeable things. To die removes dread. Fear will persist if you can change death. Fear will vanish if nothing can be done, and you are in it. When death phobia subsided, Buddha let you meditate. He said, “Now you can meditate.” So, you plunge inside your head. These strategies will only work when your inner walls are broken, your worries are gone, and you know death is real. No fear if you die in meditation; death is certain. Death in meditation is not feared. Only then can you move, and without impediments, you can go at rocket speed.

Distance doesn’t require time; barriers do. Move now if there is no barrier. You are already there, but the barrier remains. In a hurdle race, you continuously add more obstacles. When you overcome a challenge, you feel good about it. The stupidity lies in the fact that you placed the hurdle in the first place. It was absent. Putting up hurdles, jumping over them, and feeling happy leads to new obstacles and jumping. While moving in a circle, you never reach the centre.

Mind creates obstacles because it’s fearful. This will provide several reasons for not doing meditation. Do not trust it. Investigate the root cause. Why do some people talk about food but never eat? What’s wrong?

He appears insane!

Some men talk about love but never love, while others talk about something else without taking action. Talking becomes obsessive and compulsion. One continues, seeing speech as a doing. Talking creates a sense of accomplishment and ease. You engage in activities such as chatting, reading, and listening. It’s not doing. Avoid becoming fooled by this hoax.

This article will discuss 121 ways that will not enhance your knowledge or increase your awareness. I am not attempting to turn you into a pundit. I am sharing a technique that can transform your life. Use the way that resonates with you without more discussion. Stay silent and act. You’ll have many queries. Please inquire well before contacting me. Ask yourself if the questions are truly important or if your mind is fooling you.

Do, then ask. Your queries become practical. I understand which questions are asked via action, curiosity, or intellect. Thus, I shall not address your intellectual inquiries. Take action to make your questions more meaningful. Questions such as “This exercise is very simple,” are not asked after completion. This is complicated. Finally, I reiterate: You are the truth. Only a certain awakening is required.

Do not leave. Your journey within yourself is conceivable now. You can enter the present moment by putting aside your mind.

Set your mind aside using these methods. These techniques, rather than meditation, aim to disconnect the mind. Once the thought leaves, you are!