A monk lived next to a temple.
In front of them was a harlot’s home. The monk called the prostitute one day and called her a major sinner after noticing the continual throng of guys in her home. You commit sin all the time. Oh, how horrible your lot will be in the afterlife. The poor prostitute felt terrible guilt over her crimes and sincerely repented inside, praying to God for pardon. But because prostitution was her line of work, she found it difficult to switch to another source of income. Because of this, anytime her flesh sinned, she always held herself more accountable and appealed to God more and more for forgiveness.

The monk began counting people who entered the prostitute’s home starting on that day by setting aside a pebble, and over time, a large mound of stones developed. The monk pointed at the pile and remarked to the prostitute, “Woman, don’t you see this heap? Every stone there represents a time that you have committed a mortal sin since. I last urged you to turn away from the wrong path. I warn you right now: “Beware of your evil deeds!” When she realised how many crimes she had committed, the poor creature shook and cried out to God in complete helplessness, repeating in her head, “Lord, wilt Thou not free me from the miserable life that I am leading?”

The plea was heard, and on the day the angel of death visited her home, she died away and was no longer a part of this world. The monk passed away on the same day by an odd act of God. While the emissaries of Yama tied the monk’s spirit and brought him down to the underworld, the messengers of God descended from Heaven and carried the prostitute’s spirit-body to the celestial regions. When the prostitute had luck, the monk exclaimed, “Is this the delicate justice of God? I spend all my life in asceticism and poverty, and I am dragged to hell, while that prostitute, whose life was a whole record of evil, is going to Heaven!” When they heard this, the divine messengers remarked, “God’s decrees are always just; you receive what you sow. God has given you this because you spent your life attempting to gain glory and fame via exterior display and vanity. Never did your heart truly hunger for Him. Day and night, despite the fact that her body was engaging in immorality, this prostitute fervently prayed to God. Take a look at how the people below are treating her body and yours. Since you didn’t commit any sins with your body, they have decked it with flowers and garlands and are escorting it to the holy river while playing music. But vultures and jackals are currently tearing this prostitute’s body apart since she had sinned.

She is, nevertheless, travelling to the realms of the pure because she had a pure heart. Your heart grew polluted because you were constantly thinking about how terrible her sins were. As a result, you will be visiting areas where people are impure.