This book began its journey on a rainy evening in Tokyo, where the authors met for the first time in a cozy bar. Despite having admired each other’s work from afar due to the geographical gap between Barcelona and Japan, fate brought them together through a mutual acquaintance. Their initial encounter sparked a profound friendship that blossomed into a collaborative project destined to endure. A year later, during a leisurely stroll through a Tokyo park, they delved into discussions about Western psychology trends, particularly logotherapy—a method aimed at uncovering life’s purpose. They pondered the timeless questions of human existence: What gives life meaning? Why do some thrive while others struggle? It was during this conversation that they stumbled upon the enigmatic term “ikigai,” a Japanese concept akin to logotherapy but with a unique essence. Intrigued by the remarkable longevity of Okinawa’s inhabitants and their embodiment of ikigai, the authors embarked on a quest to unravel the secrets of the world’s longest-living population. Their journey led them to Ogimi, a village epitomizing longevity and communal spirit, where they encountered a profound sense of joy and purpose among its residents. Inspired by their experiences, the authors set out to share the wisdom of ikigai with the world, offering readers the keys to uncovering their own purpose and embracing a fulfilling life journey. Through this book, they invite others to embark on a quest for their ikigai, believing that those who discover it possess the essential elements for a vibrant and meaningful existence.