So if we essentially house a chaotic collection of an infinite number of thoughts and reactions in our consciousness — and since the life we live appears to be a fairly orderly one — how does the Universe select from all of those thoughts floating in our being and choose which ones to manifest in our lives? I’m so glad you asked. For the answer is the first seed of empowerment, the beginning of living a life of choice and fulfillment. The Law of Attraction responds to what we give most attention and energy to. It’s what we spend the most time thinking about that invites and attracts matching experiences. Attention is focused consciousness, and with our consciousness we activate our thoughts, like strumming a guitar, and get them ringing with resonance. The more intensely we do so, and the more repeatedly we do so, the more loudly those strings will sound, and the greater power of resonance they will hold to attract an experience. Bringing focus to a thought is the first step. Focusing on a thought or image can go a long way to make it stand out from the crowd.

Spend a few minutes every day just focusing on what you want. It’s no wonder that successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs sings the praises of focus as it keeps people aligned with their goals. Then, to increase the resonance of a thought even further, bring emotion into the picture. Emotional energy juices a thought, resonating its potential, and gets it to ‘sing’ louder. Emotions, after all, can energize people to jump up and down with joy, paint a big smile on their face with happiness, or even hit a fist into a wall with anger. Emotions are essentially thoughts that have been excited and animated so much that we feel them in our bodies. You can use any emotion to empower a thought; any emotion works as well as any other. Emotion is an equal opportunity energy source, and that can work for you or against you. On the one hand, it means that you have choices about what emotion you want to use. On the other hand, it means that fear is as effective as love and that anger is as effective as joy to magnetize experiences into your life. And you know what that means. When you obsess over your fears, and let them run rampant in your mind and body, you are essentially inviting whatever it is you fear to be made manifest, calling on the Law of Attraction to match your experience.

Likewise, if you harbor anger, resentment or hatred towards others, for whatever reason that may seem justifiable to you, you are fueling the system to bring you more of exactly that which you are angry about. You are essentially asking for more of what you think you’re rejecting. Fear is a powerful emotion and probably fuels the vast majority of experiences we have on the planet. We have vast stores of fears in our subconscious mind, generated from our own life experiences, from the biases and expectations that we’ve absorbed from our culture and environment, from species memory, and potentially from an extensive set of recollections from past lives. If you look around at the stage settings of your life, and you find that much of it you don’t want, you are seeing an expression of some of the fears that you harbor in your subconscious mind. Anger is also a magnetic stimulant. Have you ever walked into a room and felt someone’s anger even before you saw their face? It virtually emanates out of a person’s skin. Anger can build and escalate and engage even innocent bystanders, igniting people it gets in proximity to. As an attracting medium, anger is potent. Like everything else in your experience, it is also reflecting something about you. If you find that you spend a lot of time around angry people, it is extremely likely that you harbor feelings of anger in yourself. In later chapters, we’ll discuss how you can use the cues from your outer experience like breadcrumbs on a trail, to help you find and bring to light some of the fears that are resonating from within your subconscious mind. By doing so, you can release them and release yourself from the grip they have on you. Now that you know how emotions can light the spark of the Law of Attraction, use it wisely.

First, select a thought of something you want to magnetize into your life. Start by focusing on it. Take some time with it and think about it without distraction. Set an intention to have it be center of your attention for a short while. Say No to interruptions or tempting diversions for that period of time. Then add emotion. Think about what you want to attract in your life and allow yourself to get excited about it! Fill yourself with joy, relief, gratitude, and love. Take several minutes, repeatedly throughout the day and imagine what you want, feeling the enthusiasm and joy you’d feel from having what you are attracting in your life. Pump it up! Add consistency and repetition. Focus and emotion can empower a thought, but not when done in isolation. You’ll need to make it part of a consistent practice that you maintain over a period of time. Don’t forget love! Love is very likely the most powerful force in the Universe ~ so bring it into this practice! Fill your whole body and being with love as you think about what it is you want to attract into your life. While there’s a lot more to the Law of Attraction than these principles, they can be an immensely powerful place to start. With commitment, repetition and time, you’ll be amazed at what you will attract into your life.