A farmer grew too old to labor the fields any longer. So he would simply sit on the porch all day. When his son, who was still tending to the farm, would occasionally look up, he would see his father sitting there.
The son said to himself, “He’s of no use anymore, he doesn’t do anything!”. One day, the son became so angered by this, he constructed a wooden coffin, moved it to the porch, and instructed his father to enter.
The father entered without saying a word. The son shut the coffin’s lid before dragging it to the farm’s edge, where there was a steep precipice. He heard a gentle tapping on the coffin’s lid as he got closer to the drop. He gave it a crack. The father, who was still sound asleep, turned to face his son. I’m sure you’re going to throw me down a cliff, but might I make a suggestion first? The son responded, “What is it?” The father pleaded with his son, “Save this good wood coffin, but throw me over the cliff if you like. But this Coffin could be required for your kids to use it.