A man who had a storm-tossed life, cultivated an angry temperament. Anger gave him power over people. One day, he met a stranger and vented his anger on him. But surprisingly, the stranger’s eyes seemed to see past the anger and into the man himself. He told the angry man in a calm voice The stranger told him, “There is no need to be afraid. Just let the world know and see the true you, hidden behind this angry mask of yours. ” The hostile man began to think about that and turned much more peaceful than ever before. What was so special about the stranger that changed this hostile man? The stranger saw the real person behind the mask and told him to let all his fears go away with anger. Children get angry and beat adults. No one is afraid of the child’s anger. The simple reason is that the child is helpless and we are superior to the child physically. A person with superior spiritual power is not afraid of anything, because his expectations are few and he will never be disappointed with anything.