A lady embodies poetry, philosophy, and metaphysics. A man is also. When one encounters life poetry, alive philosophy, or lively metaphysics, one will undoubtedly forget philosophy and metaphysics. That merely demonstrates your continued existence. Being enamored with beauty and able to enjoy it thoroughly is a highly valuable experience. If, upon seeing a stunning woman, you were still reminded of the Old Testament, the Bhagavad Gita, or the Koran, then something was definitely off. That would have demonstrated that you had a problem. This merely demonstrates your inherent humanity. Allow this sensitivity to develop; as it does, you will gradually notice more and more beauty around you as you grow more and more sensual and sensitive. The bigger the beauty, the deeper your insight. And you are freed when you perceive your entire existence as one big dance, a celebration. It is not metaphysics or philosophy that liberates; rather, it is celebration, love, and beauty. However, this is not to mean that you should discard your books; lovely novels can also be the result of wonderful experiences. Read something by Shakespeare, Kalidas, Buddha, or Atisha; don’t get lost in them, but it’s like entering the same beautiful universe via a different door. The temple of God has numerous doorways. There are several qualities such as beauty, wisdom, love, and so on. Literature, poetry, and music are all capable of doing this. What do you think about amazing poems? The blooms on the trees are quite lovely. They are consciousness flowers. You don’t have to discard your books. You will essentially be stating that you are still attached to your books if you discard them. Hatred is nothing more than love performing a SIRSHASAN, or headstand, on its own. Hatred and love are not distinct; they are one. Actually, we ought to combine these two terms into one: lovehate, rather than expressing them individually. They are just one energy, just like heat and cold, summer and winter, life and death, and darkness and light, and they don’t even require a hyphen to separate them. You should keep reading your books instead of throwing them away. And since a woman’s form is also exquisite, there’s no reason to cease appreciating it. Savor every aspect of life. Why is there this constant fixation with becoming one-dimensional, this or that? How come not both? What is the purpose of living in either/or? How about residing in both and? My strategy is to live in both and and cease to exist in either or. Either Or is a book authored by Soren Kierkegaard. His entire life, he was either or. Despite his intense affection for her, he was unable to make up his mind about marrying her. The woman ultimately made the decision to go with someone else because that either or went on for so long. His indecision persisted for years.[endSpeech][slow start speech r=start speech] His book and he personally were so well-known that, when he strolled through Copenhagen, urchins, kids, and other bystanders would yell after him, “Either or! Either or! Here goes Either or!” Children were even aware that he used to wonder, “Where to go?,” when he stood at crossroads. To proceed in this direction or that one? Which road should I take? They both travel to the same place and lead to the station. And he would spend hours contemplating while standing at the intersection. All he did was think; he was a metaphysician after all. His father had left a legacy, and he didn’t need to work either because he had enough money. He thus thought throughout the entire twenty-four hours of the day. And he passed away on the way home after taking out the remainder of his bank account balance. He performed admirably; else, he might have run into problems. I had the impression that he was considering the question, “To be or not to be? Either way. since there was now no money left. Either that or, he had to have had a heart attack. That had been his entire lifestyle. There’s no decision to be made. Why not lead a life devoid of choice? Why not take advantage of what life has to offer? Be both a materialist and a spiritualist instead of just one or the other. Instead of becoming just one of the two, become Zorba the Buddha. Savor everything that God has bestowed upon you. I want to tell my sannyasins that. David Light, you are not yet my sannyasin. However, if you begin to live fully, accepting everything, appreciating every moment, and showing respect for everything—and you become ecstatic when a stunning woman unexpectedly passes away—that proves you are ALIVE and haven’t yet passed away. However, this need not be limited to merely a weak sexual stirring within you. There must be more to it; a spiritual stirring is also possible. While I have nothing against sex, living a life limited to sex is living it to the bare minimum. Why not experience everything that it has to offer, from sex to samadhi? If all that happens when a genuinely attractive woman walks by is a stir in your sexuality, then the animal is alive and you are not. However, you are really alive if your spirituality is likewise sparked. And the path to God is existence in its entirety.